Frequently Asked Questions on the ENEP System
1. Why is the ENEP Platform different from other databases which are available on the Internet?
Because the ENEP Platform includes special features, such as: advanced search engine, multiple-language functionality, detailed CV structure, Organizations' section.
2. What are the advantages of inserting my data in the ENEP Platform?
You'll become part of an extended network of environmental professionals, with the possibility to search for partners and to be offered new job opportunities.
3. How can I use the ENEP Platform to find a professional who is expert in e.g. landfills management?
With ENEP Platform looking for a professional with a specific expertise can be extremely easy and effective! Either you simply select the expertise you're interested in from a drop-down menu in the 'Search' section or perform a full-text search of a word, and you'll be presented a list of all the professionals with experience in landfills management!
4. Why can I select a 'visibility level' for my CV?
Because you may not be willing to let your CV be visible by your current employer. Or you may want to keep you personal data in the ENEP Platform but you're not interested in receiving professional offers for a while.
5.  Why should I upload the abstracts of my publications?
Because this can help you to be found by other professionals looking for the type of experience you have. The abstracts of your papers and projects are in fact analysed and indexed by the search engine. Beside that, abstracts provide your possible professional partners with more detailed information about your background and expertise.
6. How many potential ENEP Platform members are there?
More than 40 000 Professionals are members of the Associations which are part of the European Network of Associations of Environmental Professionals (EFAEP).